Used to treat injuries and incisions without the time and patient discomfort associated with traditional skin repair methods.


Superior to other brands in that it offers full view of the work area, better control in application, and less waste.


Competitive pricing offers substantial savings over similar products currently on the market. Save both time & money.


There is an old business axiom that says “find a need and fill it.”


Our clients are our best advertising platform

Miljan Stankovic, MD, PhD

“You have a great product! Between May 2007 and 2011, I have used Gluseal® 90 in more than 1000 surgical procedures. Ever since we started using Gluseal® 90 as a skin adhesive and microbial barrier, we eliminated the wound discharge, the need for dressings, and substantially improved wound healing, while reducing the incidence of wound infections, and achieving superb cosmetic results.

With Gluseal® 90, our surgical wound infection rate dropped to 0.91%. Out of 219 procedures, wound infections that developed in 2 patients following cesarean delivery were likely due to the underlying morbidity: protracted labor with chorioamnionitis and morbid obesity in one, and diabetes and morbid obesity in the other.

I would like to thank SkinStitch® Corp for a great product. I look forward to using the Gluseal® 90 in the future.”

Miljan Stankovic, MD, PhDFAMILY Obstetric-Gynecology Massena Memorial Hospital
John P. Opyoke

“For the past year and the half, we have used Gluseal® 90 in our new Urgent Care clinic. I choose to try Gluseal® 90 as a cheaper alternative to a more popular skin adhesive I had been using for the past 10 years in Emergency Medicine. After a trial of the product, I was hooked.”

“The applicator allows for more precise placement of the product and the adhesive does not dry out quickly once opened. This allows me to concentrate on wound edge approximation while not worrying that the skin adhesive is becoming unusable.”

“I can without reservation recommend this product for its superior applicator, ease of use, and price. I can’t see ever going back to ‘the other stuff’.”

John P. OpyokeMD, FACEP, Trinity Urgent CareMD, FACEP, Trinity Urgent Care
Eric St. Pierre MD

“I am writing this letter to comment on your new product. We have been using Gluseal® 90 in our Emergency Department for several years with excellent results. I find your applicator allows for better visualization of the wound surface than other products that I have used in the past. The flow can be controlled by both the amount of pressure on the bulb and the location where the tip is cut. The ability to control release of the glue is very important since not all lacerations are the same. Follow up care shows equal or better cosmetic results than sutures, and there have not been any significant problems with infection or wound dehiscence. Keep up the good work.”ctions that developed in 2 patients following cesarean delivery were likely due to the underlying morbidity: protracted labor with chorioamnionitis and morbid obesity in one, and diabetes and morbid obesity in the other.”

Eric St. Pierre MDChief of Emergency MedicineMassena Memorial Hospital
Michael Maresca

“Of the several people we have used Gluseal® 90 on to date, we have had good to excellent results. Most were facial wounds which resulted in minimal scar formation. None required dressings following application of the product. I hope other facilities are as pleased with the product as we are.”

Michael MarescaMDCanton Potsdam Hospital

What wounds are suitable for closure with tissue adhesives?

Lacerations on the face, torso and extremities that are not greater than 6-10 cm in length. Gluseal® 90 is especially effective in areas where scarring from conventional sutures is a concern. It should not be used on wounds located near a joint or injuries with jagged edges (i.e. those that cannot be easily approximated), animal bites, or dense hair growth regions.

Can I ever use Gluseal® 90 on a joint?

Yes, if you immobilize the joint with a splint, or tongue depressor.

May I use Gluseal® 90 on wounds that are larger than 10cms

Your health care professional may make that determination. Doctors with more experience may choose to utilize a skin adhesive on wounds longer than 10 cm. Consideration must be given to variables such as depth and location of the wound. Thus, shallow wounds and lacerations not near stress areas will likely benefit from closure with a skin adhesive alone.

May I use skin adhesive on wounds deeper than 1/2cm?

No, but deeper wounds may be closed with Gluseal® 90 if subcutaneous sutures are used to close the wound first. This will achieve the needed strength to keep the wound closed while healing, but finishing the skin surface with Gluseal® 90 adhesive will reduce scarring.

What are the most essential elements to remember when using a skin adhesive?

Sanitize the wound according to standard protocol. Approximate edges when wound is dry. Apply a thin layer of skin adhesive beside the wound. Pull the adhesive over the wound with the applicator, as if building a bridge over the wound. Never put the adhesive in the wound. Hold for 30 seconds; apply a second coat (see video for demonstration).

Why should I put on thin layers instead of one thicker coat?

For optimum strength/performance place 2 to 3 thin layers of Gluseal® 90 for a stronger finished product. A thick coat may give a slight burning sensation to the patient. A thick coat will cause the adhesive bond to break down earlier.

If I make an error and glue myself to a patient, what should I do?

Acetone (finger nail polisher) is the fastest bond breaker. This should only be used on non-sensitive parts of the body. On sensitive parts, use an anti-bacterial cream.

What procedure should I use when I want to apply a skin adhesive near the eye?

Gluseal® 90 is especially valuable in treating wounds near the eyes, but there are a few added safeguards to consider. Place the patient in a horizontal position. Have an assistant hold gauze between the eye and wound as a dam. If you do not have an assistant, use a ridge of petroleum jelly between the wound and eye. This will make it impossible for the skin adhesive to travel, or follow a crease line into the eye. Do not put petroleum jelly on any of the area next to the wound being treated, as this will prevent adhesion.

If there is an accident and the physician glues the patients eyelids shut what should he/she do?

An opthamologically approved antibacterial cream will loosen the bond when gently massaged on the eyelid.

What makes Gluseal® 90 harden when applied to the skin?

All skin adhesives in the cyanoacrylate family harden on contact with moisture. In its plastic applicator, the compound is in monomeric form, when it comes into contact with anions, especially hydroxyl ions (in the presence of water) it polymerizes.

Is Gluseal® 90 the same as Crazy Glue or Super Glue?

No, Crazy Glue or Super Glue are either ethyl, or methyl cyanoacrylates. These are more toxic, are not a sterile product approved for medical use and will burn when applied to human skin.

What is the most common physician error when applying skin adhesives?

There are two errors that are seen over and over again.

1) The adhesive is placed in the wound, instead of beside it.
2) The adhesive is applied too thickly which may cause a slight burning sensation and weakens the bond.

What is the shelf life of Gluseal® 90?

The shelf life of Gluseal® 90 is guaranteed for two years from the date of invoice. Of course, proper storage conditions ensure shelf life. The ideal storage temperature is 72 degrees F., or lower.

Does Gluseal® 90 have to be refrigerated?

No, room temperature is fine. However, customers in the southern USA or other extremely warm climates should remember that interior temperatures may rise to levels that can reduce the shelf life of the product.

Product Information

  • Gluseal® 90 is a Class I medical device.
  • Gluseal® 90 is an amazing, cost effective, skin adhesive used in the painless treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations of the skin and helps protect them from infection. SkinStitch® is usually administered by a health care professional.
  • Patients, especially children, can become anxious about how their lacerations will be treated. When they realize you are using SkinStitch® and are not going to cause them additional pain, their whole attitude quickly changes.
  • Your procedure is completed quickly, and the patient can quickly resume normal activities.
  • Using Gluseal® 90 will greatly improve the chances of optimum cosmetic results. You can feel confident your patient has just experienced a high level of personal comfort in a timely manner. The repair is permanent and usually does not require a follow-up visit. This has all been achieved in a cost effective manner, and created good will that will result in many return visits to your facility

Health care professionals across the country know Gluseal® 90 as a better, cost-effective alternative to other brands of skin adhesive. Our product is rapidly gaining popularity because of the superior design of its “user-friendly” applicator, low cost, and less waste.

Cost analysis has shown that use of skin adhesives can significantly decrease health care costs. The procedure can be completed quickly while creating a cosmetically pleasing result. You can be satisfied that your patient was treated to a high level of personal comfort in a timely manner. The price per unit is extremely competitive and ultimately will be reflected in lower operating costs for your organization.

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